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Judy Watson: mudunama kundana wandaraba jarribirri

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Judy Watson: mudunama kundana wandaraba jarribirri

Queensland Art Gallery, Meanjin/Brisbane
— Kate O'Hara

Taring Padi: Tanah Tumpah Darah

Griffith University Art Museum, Meanjin/Brisbane
— James Nguyen

Pat Hoffie: This Mess We’re In

QUT Art Museum, Meanjin/Brisbane
— Jonathan McBurnie

When do we look out, when do we look in?

Outer Space, Meanjin/Brisbane
— Sachi Orrock

Archie Moore: One Work From the Collection of Rebecca Ross and One From the Collection of Dirk Yates

1WORKROOM9, Meanjin/Brisbane
27 January-16 February 2024
— Darby Jones

Wondrous Machines

RD Milns Antiquities Museum, Meanjin/Brisbane
1 October-1 October 2024
— Christian Rizzalli

2023 BIA Graduate Show

Brisbane Institute of Art, Meanjin/Brisbane
1 December-8 December 2023
— Louise Martin-Chew

2023 QCA Honours and Masters of Visual Art Showcase

Queensland College of Art, Meanjin/Brisbane
11 November-18 November 2023
— Prudence Osborne

Rearranged: Art of the Flower

Museum of Brisbane, Meanjin/Brisbane
11 August-25 November 2023
— Charlie Maycraft

Double Review: Memory lens and An Unnatural History

Jan Murphy Gallery Woollongabba Art Gallery, Meanjin/Brisbane
9 December-21 November 2023
— Meg Rowe

2023 QCA Graduate Exhibition

Queensland College of Art, Meanjin/Brisbane
23 October-29 October 2022
— Louise R. Mayhew

2023 inFORM: QUT Visual Arts Graduate Exhibition

QUT Kelvin Grove campus, Meanjin/Brisbane
8 November-12 November 2023
— Sally Molloy