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Lemonade showcases the best of Queensland’s exhibitions in experimental, artist-run, commercial and public galleries. Pitches for reviews from emerging through to established writers are warmly welcomed approx. 4 weeks out from exhibition openings. Click here for more.

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Invite Lemonade to your show. Details are warmly welcomed at least 4 weeks out from opening. New to sharing details with press? We recommend including: one or more images; a short text on the exhibition (one para); a brief indication of why this show is exciting or suitable for coverage by Lemonade (one to two sentences); and all exhibition details i.e. venue, location, dates, opening hours, socials, and contact details.

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Lemonade is led by Dr Louise R Mayhew with warm advice from many dreamers, do-ers, learners, and advisors.

We are currently seeking:
Editorial Intern: harness your writing skills as Lemonade’s dedicated Micro Review editor.
Website Manager: lend your expertise to assisting with Lemonade’s website.

Contact us via editor @ lemonadeletters.com.au to discuss these or other possibilities for being involved.