Lemonade: Letters to Art


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Lemonade is art criticism for the Sunshine State.

Lemonade is inspired by the yellow glaze that filters Queensland’s sky. It references the effervescent sensation of quenching a summer’s thirst, and is a subtle ode to the state’s first art critic—Gertrude Langer—and her penchant for describing art as fresh and refreshing.  

Lemonade offers love letters to the artworld, promising to satiate a contemporary thirst for discourse while illuminating the best art exhibitions for local, national and international readers.

Lemonade aspires to be accessible, engaging, experimental, concise, humble, exploratory, passionate and jargon-free.

Lemonade is written by established and emerging writers, critics, curators, and artists. It began as micro reviews on Insta and now takes the form of full length reviews, which arrive weekly, for free, in your inbox.

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Grantors and Partners

Lemonade is supported by Creative Australia and the City of Moreton Bay through the Regional Arts Development Fund.

Lemonade was also supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland’s Queensland Arts Showcase Program, Brisbane City Council’s Creative Sparks fund and Cairns Regional Council’s Regional Arts Development Fund.

Editorial support for emerging writers is provided by Emma McLean. It was provided by Griffith University Art Museum and the Institute of Modern Art (2022-2023).


  • Louise R Mayhew

Guest Editors

  • Kit Kriewaldt
  • Darby Jones
  • Jonathan McBurnie
  • Emma McLean
  • Pamela See


  • Elliott Bledsoe, Marketing
  • Madeline Brewer, Regional Ambassador
  • Kit Kriewaldt, Editorial
  • Louise Martin-Chew, Editorial
  • Jonathan McBurnie, Regional Ambassador
  • Michelle Vine, Access & Inclusion

Past Advisory

  • Terry Deen, Regional Ambassador
  • Alice Maia Rezende, Digital
  • Hamish Sawyer, Editorial

Review Sponsors



  • Alex Baxter
  • Amanda Bennetts
  • Emma Crott
  • Easton Dunne
  • Jocelyn Flynn
  • Kylie Harries
  • Grace Hermann
  • Lynn Hughes
  • Kit Kriewaldt
  • Pippa Makgill
  • Merilyn & Steve Mayhew
  • Doug McNeill
  • Annelize Mulder
  • Kellie O’Dempsey
  • Jane Orme
  • Alethea Richter
  • Monica Rohan
  • Adrian Smith
  • Gavin Smith
  • Leisa Turner
  • Hannah Williamson
  • Nadya Wilson
  • Lucinda Wolber


  • Julia R. Anderson
  • Felicity Andrews
  • Sharna Barker
  • Gabrielle Bergman
  • Madeline Brewer
  • Joseph Burgess
  • Felix Cehak
  • Alex Chadwick
  • Amy Jane Collins
  • Courtney Coombs
  • Sonia Louise Cozens
  • Bree Di Mattina
  • Elena Dias-Jayasinha
  • Ruby Donohoe
  • Jocelyn Flynn
  • Adam Ford
  • Claire Grant
  • Taylor Hall
  • Viridian Harris
  • Georgia Hayward
  • Miranda Hine
  • Angelina Hurley
  • Darby Jones
  • Kit Kriewaldt
  • Paul Ledington
  • Ken Leslie
  • Kaitlyn Mackenzie
  • Pippa Makgill
  • Louise Martin-Chew
  • Charlie Maycraft
  • Louise R Mayhew
  • Jonathan McBurnie
  • Ally McKay
  • Jessica McKechnie-Hart
  • Llewellyn Millhouse
  • Sally Molloy
  • Ilham Nafian
  • Kat Nancy
  • James Nguyen
  • Ophelia Novak
  • Kathleen O’Hagan
  • Kate O’Hara
  • Sachi Orrock
  • Prudence Osborne
  • Daniel Qualischefski
  • Alice Maia Rezende
  • Yen Radecki
  • Lizzie Riek
  • Christian Rizzali
  • Rebecca Ross
  • Meg Rowe
  • Sally Salmon
  • Hamish Sawyer
  • Carol Schwarzman
  • Meghan Shannon
  • Molly Smith
  • Pamela See
  • Angela Timbs
  • Olivia Trenorden
  • Ben Tupas
  • Emily Wakeling
  • Fin Wegener
  • Kyle Weiss
  • Ian Were
  • Grant X Wilkes
  • Hannah Williamson