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ISEA2024 Everywhen: Call for Micro Reviews

— Lemonade

The ISEA2024 Creative Program unfolding across Meanjin/Brisbane this week includes a series of exhibitions, events and performances, showcasing artists reviewed by the ISEA International Program Committee, as well as invited and co-curated artists. The program is curated in collaboration with presenting partners throughout South East Queensland. It features over 200 works spanning 10 days in June, bringing together world-leading artists in Meanjin from across the globe, each addressing this year’s theme: Everywhen.

Lemonade would love your thoughts on this international coalescing of experimental art in the Sunshine state.

To pen a Micro Review:
Write a very short response to an ISEA exhibition, event or performance
Take or source clear, suitable photographs
Include your by-line, exhibition, and artwork details
Check you are under the Instagram limit of 2200 characters

Optional: hashtags and Instagram handles

Email to editor@lemonadeletters.com.au by 7 July. Early submissions warmly welcomed.